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DADcast: A D&D Podcast

Welcome to the DADcast, a 5e actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast currently set in the world of Eberron!

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Oct 22, 2018

In this bonus content, Chad sits down with the creator of our Halloween Special, Anthony Turco, to discuss his approach to D&D design and what his creative process was for writing Nightmare on the Mournland Express.

Anthony Turco is a content creator on DMsGuild who specializes in Eberron content. He has converted many mechanics from 3.5 to 5e for Eberron as well as creating some new designs of his own. His products include two bestiaries, an Adventurer's Almanac, a new class called the Swordmage, and many more useful guides. Anthony recently worked on the sequel to Curtain Call called Trust No One with Wayne Chang and Keith Baker, the creator of Eberron himself! You can check out Anthony's work in the following link:

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